BREAKING: SPD Officer reassigned and under Internal Investigation for calling Alderman Gregory “a fucking idiot” on Facebook

Springfield Police Officer, Andrew Barnes

Springfield, Illinois – In a follow-up to our story (Springfield Police Officer says Alderman “Shawn Gregory is a fucking idiot” while addressing the block parties and shots fired calls), Sprinfield Police Officer, Andrew Barnes, has been reassigned and is under Internal Investigation after a Facebook status (copy of the facebook status is at the end of this article) that referred to Ward 2 Alderman Shawn Gregory as “a fucking idiot.”

In a statement released to other media outlets, besides Springfield Leaks, who first broke the story, Springfield Police Chief Kenny Winslow released the following statement:

“The Springfield Police Department is aware of the inappropriate and unprofessional comments made by one of its members on social media directed at Alderman Shawn Gregory and Alderwoman Doris Turner. The Springfield Police Department does not condone this type of behavior nor is it reflective of the hard working men and women of the Springfield Police Department who go about their duties daily in a dedicated and professional manner. Upon being made aware of the incident, the officer in question was reassigned pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation. Due to this being a personnel matter, there will be no further comment at this time for the Springfield Police Department Administration.”

Springfield Mayor, Jim Langfelder, also released a statement to other media outlets, besides Springfield Leaks, who first broke the story, and said the following:

“Each and every one of us should realize that words matter, especially during these stressful times. It is important that we listen to one another and are able to express views and differences respectfully. Comments made about Alderman Gregory and Alderwoman Turner are not acceptable, nor condoned, and I know from personal experience how detrimental it can be to one’s family. We should respect each other, and work together through our differences to become a stronger community for all of us. In today’s society, I appreciate the fine work of the Springfield Police Department under difficult circumstances. We all need to strive together to maintain the highest standards.”

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks as we bring more updates to this story.

1 in custody after SCSO DIRT TEAM Search Warrant leads to the recovery of 26 grams of meth, 6 grams of Heroin and $709

Charles T. Rice – age 27

Springfield, Illinois – On May 27, 2020 around 4:15 p.m., The Sangamon County Sheriff’s DIRT team executed a narcotics search warrant in the 900 Block of West Governor Street. The warrant was obtained after multiple controlled heroin buys were made from Charles T. Rice, age 27.

The search warrant resulted in the recovery of 26 grams of Methamphetamine, 6 grams of Heroin and $709. 

Rice was arrested and booked into the Sangamon County Jail for a Class X Felony of Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance and remains in custody at the Sangamon County Jail.

Rice is also currently on parole for Home Invasion.   

Springfield Police Officer says Alderman “Shawn Gregory is a fucking idiot” while addressing the block parties and shots fired calls

(Left) Springfield Police Officer, Andrew Barnes (Right) Ward 2 Alderman, Shawn Gregory

Springfield, Illinois – A Springfield Police Officer has publicly responded, through Facebook, his opinion of recent block parties and house parties on the east side of Springfield. His response comes after Ward 2 Alderman Shawn Gregory says that law enforcement response has been unequal between downtown Springfield protestors and east side Springfield residents.

Gregory said Tuesday at the Committee of the Whole meeting that he did not support those who were partying against the Governor’s stay-at-home order, but also felt that there were two sets of rules, one for the east side residents and one for downtown protestors.

In response to Gregory’s public frustration, several council members also agreed that unequal treatment by the police department was being shown especially since a group of mostly white and out of town protesters were allowed to protest on city streets and given a police escort to the State Capitol and back without a permit. Instead of protests at the Capitol, many east side residents have also been hosting several house and block parties which has led to Springfield Police responding and breaking them up. In response to the house and block parties, Gregory said, “They do need to go home, but I mean they’re rebelling against the stay-at-home order like anybody else. They’re trying to stay out, they’re doing things that they’re not supposed to like anybody else and we just want to see the law apply equally.”

Springfield Police Officer Andrew Barnes disagrees with Gregory’s position of law enforcements response to the east side parties and said, “Shawn Gregory is a fucking idiot, hiding behind his computer. These crowds have accounted for 192 shots fired (3 days) and not counting the ones that were outside of the shot spotter, criminal damage, one subject shot, and multiple car crashes. We are only showing up when his constituents call us because they are blocking city streets with 50-100 cars. They have thrown objects at officers. So Shawn instead of criticizing the officers take you ass out side and witness these insane crowds. This is a public safety issue as emergency vehicles can not get down the roads in an emergency situation. P.S. weird he said that because no use of force, arrest or citations were issued. Please tell us Shawn how to do our jobs!”

Barnes also responded to Ward 3 Alderwoman Doris Turner’s public frustration of the unequal law enforcement and said, “We will send them all to Doris’ block to party. Done deal.”

We had the chance to speak with Officer Barnes regarding his Facebook status and he told us, “my front seat is always available for him to ride along and see first hand how these individuals in these parties are conducting themselves.”

George Floyd Protest: 1 suspect in custody after fatally shooting suspected looter (VIDEO)

Minneapolis, Minnesota – During the protest of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Police responded to the area of Bloomington and Lake Street around 9:25 p.m., Wednesday night for a possible stabbing.

When officers arrived on scene they found a man on the sidewalk and began CPR. Officers learned that the man was shot instead of being stabbed. The man, who’s name hasn’t been released yet, died at a hospital.

During a press conference, Minneapolis spokesperson John Elder said police are working through a theory of this homicide being related to a report of a Minneapolis pawn shop owner shooting a looter.

Tonights protests and looting “so disrespectful and “heartbreaking,” said Elder.

At this time, Minneapolis Police did confirm that one suspect is in custody during this initial stage of the investigation. According to local reports, the owner of Cadillac Pawn & Jewelry is the suspect in custody.

Springfield BoS staff employee who worked during last week’s Special Session tests positive for COVID-19

Bank of Springfield Center in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois – A Bank of Springfield Center employee, who worked one 8-hour shift during last week’s House Special Session, has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to an email, sent by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s office, to house members and staff it says:

Attention members and staff – 

I have just been made aware that a member of the BoS Center staff has tested positive for COVID-19. This individual was NOT located in a space that was used for the special session or the public viewing area, and at this time it appears this individual had no interaction with any member or other staff person. This person worked one 8-hour shift on Thursday, May 21.

In an abundance of caution, I encourage everyone who has not already done so to be tested for the virus, monitor your health in the coming days, and isolate from interaction with others for 14 days after the conclusion of session. This is consistent with CDC guidance for those who believe they’ve been in close proximity with a COVID-positive individual, as well as our discussions prior to the beginning of special session.

It was an unprecedented step to hold session at the BoS Center, which greatly minimized the chance of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. This incident notwithstanding, I am not aware of any other person who has tested positive. I am working directly with BoS Staff and have asked that all BoS staff members get tested immediately and ensure that appropriate contact tracing efforts are underway.

Jessica Basham, Chief of Staff

Office of the Speaker

Illinois House of Representatives

Two Illinois Senate Republican Staff members arrested after drinking beer at the State Capitol Building in Springfield

(Left) Scott A. Hurrelbrink – age 48
(Right) Richard S. Rockwood – age 33

Springfield, Illinois – On Saturday, May 16, 2020, Illinois Capitol Police arrested two Illinois Senate Republican staff members after they were caught drinking beer at The Illinois State Capitol Building, located at 401 S. 2nd St.

Illinois Capitol Police report that around 9:31 p.m., Scott A. Hurrelbrink, age 48 and Richard S. Rockwood, age 33, were told they couldn’t drink on Secretary of State Property. When both individuals were told multiple times to identify themselves, they both refused. A Capitol Police Officer report that Hurrelbrink, who is The Illinois Senate Republican Appropriation’s Director, became threatening. He “called me a fucking ass hole and faggot,” the officer said. The officer also report that when he placed Hurrelbrink, who was handcuffed, in the back of his squad car, Hurrelbrink attempted to kick out the windows.

Hurrelbrink and Rockwood were both taken to the Sangamon County Jail and booked for resisting arrest of a peace officer, a class A misdemeanor.

Rockwood was released for the jail within an hour and given a notice to appear in court. Hurrelbrink was released within 2 hours after posting a $150 bond.

At this time, both staff members have not been charged by the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Hurrelbrink is the Illinois Senate Republican Appropriation’s Director.

Rockwood is an Appropriations Analyst with the Illinois Senate Republican Caucus.

Breaking: 2nd suspect in the homicide of Gary Green has NOW been charged with Murder, Armed Robbery & Home Invasion

Avion M. Brown – Age 18

Springfield, Illinois – A second suspect, who was arrested and only charged with obstruction of justice, in connection with the homicide of Gary F. Green Jr., is now facing additional criminal charges.

 Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright announced today that Avion M. Brown, age 18 of Springfield, has been charged with three counts of First Degree Murder, Armed Robbery and Home Invasion related to alleged involvement in the March 31, 2020 shooting death of Gary F. Green, Jr. in the 2200 block of East Spruce Street in Springfield. 

Brown faces 35 to 75 years in prison if convicted of First Degree Murder (Class M felony) and 21 to 45 years on the charges of Armed Robbery and Home Invasion (Class X). Brown was previously charged with Obstructing Justice (Class 4) on May 18, 2020 arising from the same incident. All counts are concurrent and any sentence imposed on each charge would be served simultaneously with any other charge of which Brown is convicted. 

Brown’s bond has now been increased to $2 million.

Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright said “The charges against an additional defendant arising from the loss of Gary Green’s life in a senseless act of gun violence is the result of excellent police work by the Springfield Police Department.” Anyone with information concerning this incident is asked to call the Springfield Police Department (217) 788-8311 and/or Sangamon/Menard County Crime Stoppers (217) 788-8427. 

BREAKING: Man charged with Murder and several other felonies; His wife has also been charged in a separate arson case

(Left) Ronald D. Porter – age 32 and his wife Whitney M. Porter – age 32
(Right) Homicide victim – Abby Neisler – age 24

Springfield, Illinois – Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright and the Springfield Police Department announced today that Ronald D. Porter, age 32, of Springfield, has been charged with 23 felony counts arising from a series of incidents which occurred between August, 2019 and January, 2020. 

Prior to the charges filed today, Porter was arrested by the Springfield Police Department on February 4, 2020 following formal charges by the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office for a series of aggravated robberies committed in January and February, 2020. He has remained in the custody of the Sangamon County Jail on bond in the amount of $250,000. Among the most recent charges, Porter is alleged to have stalked a woman and entered her home in the 700 block of S. State Street in Springfield in the late hours of January 10, 2020 and into January 11, 2020. Porter allegedly sexually assaulted the victim and stabbed her multiple times, causing her death. He then allegedly lit the residence on fire in an attempt to destroy evidence and conceal the homicidal nature of the victim’s death. Porter has been charged with the following additional felony offenses related to the above incident: 

1) Three counts of First Degree Murder; 

2) Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault; 

3) Home Invasion; 

4) Armed Robbery; 

5) Residential Arson; 

6) Aggravated Stalking; 

7) Aggravated Cruelty to an Animal; 

8) Concealment of a Homicidal Death; 

9) Obstructing Justice; and 10) Unlawful Use of a Credit Card 

Porter was also charged with stalking a second woman in January, 2020. Further charges filed today include offenses related to separate allegations of criminal conduct which occurred in October, 2019. These charges include Home Invasion, Attempted Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault, and Aggravated Robbery which arise from allegations that Porter forcibly entered the residence of a third woman while masked and attempted to commit a sexual assault. Additionally, Porter and his wife, Whitney M. Porter, age 32, are charged with Residential Arson, Arson, Insurance Fraud, and Obstructing Justice related to a deliberate fire set to their joint apartment in October, 2019 to obtain over $10,000 from a fraudulent insurance claim. Whitney Porter faces 4 to 15 years in prison if convicted of Residential Arson, 3 to 7 years in prison if convicted of Arson and Insurance Fraud, and 1 to 3 years in prison if convicted of Obstructing Justice. Each charge is concurrent and Whitney Porter faces a total of up to 15 years in prison if convicted of each offense charged. Ronald Porter has also been charged with Aggravated Robbery and Financial Institution Robbery arising from an August, 2019 robbery of the United Community Bank branch located at 2120 Peoria Road in Springfield. If convicted of each of the above charges, Ronald Porter faces between 50 years to natural life in prison. Ronald Porter has been in the custody of the Sangamon County Jail since February 4, 2020 facing five counts of Aggravated Robbery and Attempted Aggravated Robbery. The Court granted Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright’s bond recommendation in the amount of $5 million and Ronald Porter remains in the custody of the Sangamon County Jail. Whitney Porter was arrested this afternoon by the Springfield Police Department and is in the custody of the Sangamon County Jail on bond in the amount of $150,000. Arraignment of both Ronald and Whitney Porter is anticipated to occur tomorrow at 11:00. 

Sangamon County State’s Attorney, Dan Wright, said “The comprehensive set of charges filed today against Ronald Porter is the product of tireless and methodical investigation by the Springfield Police Department. SPD Detectives and the Illinois State Police Crime Lab carefully worked every angle of multiple related investigations to gather evidence sufficient to prove these crimes beyond a reasonable doubt. I will do everything within my power to secure justice for the victims and their families.” 

The investigations are ongoing and no additional information is available for release at this time. Anyone with information concerning these incidents is asked to call the Springfield Police Department (217) 788-8311 and/or Sangamon/Menard County Crime Stoppers (217) 788-8427. 

Springfield: Kayaker at Riverside Park safely rescued

Riverside Park

Springfield, Illinois – Today, around 12:40 p.m., The Springfield Fire Department responded to Riverside Park, located at 4105 Sandhill Rd., for a Kayaker in the water.

The Kayaker’s brother had eyes on him the whole time and called 911.

The Springfield Fire Department’s dive response team, along with ATV’s from Springfield Fire Department and Sherman Fire Department responded to the scene.

The Springfield Fire Department’s zodiac boat crew was able to meet up with the kayaker. The kayaker was removed from a tree that he had been holding on to and was safely pulled to the shore.

At this time, it is unknown if the kayaker was transported to the hospital. The kayaker could also possibly be subject to a citation from The Illinois Department of Natural Resources Police Department.