City denies the release of Internal Affairs records after black officer finds a disfigured black doll

(Left) Springfield Mayor – Jim Langfelder (Right) Springfield Police Chief – Ken Winslow

Springfield, Illinois – According to a Springfield Leaks source, a Springfield Police female Officer, Timara Pflug, who is black, found a disfigured black doll in the Springfield Police Department armory. Sometime after that incident, the Springfield Police Department installed cameras in the squad room and in the Armory room of the Police Department.

After the camera’s were installed, Springfield Commander Andrew Dodd sent out an email to all Springfield Police Officers. That email said, “All, We have added a camera in the squad room overlooking the mailboxes, and a second one in the Armory showing the squad car keys and Narcan bags. With the number of employees, both sworn and unsworn, and the occasional tour going through, we wanted to deter anyone from messing with any department or personal property located in those areas.”

We also made a request for a copy of the Internal Affairs complaint that was made after Officer Pflug found the disfigured doll. Although Internal Affairs complaints are public information, the City of Springfield, who’s Mayor has championed for transparency, has denied the release of those records.

In denying the records, the city said, “Here, the documentation you are requesting is exempt pursuant to Section 7(1)(d)(iv) and Section 7(1)(c) of FOIA. This documentation would unavoidably disclose the identity of a person who filed a complaint with or provided information to administrate, investigative, or law enforcement agencies. This documentation is being withheld in its entirety as the disclosure of the contents would necessarily result in the disclosure of the identity of the source and the redaction of the records cannot be meaningfully accomplished.”

“Further, releasing this documentation constitutes an unwarranted invasion of the officer’s privacy as the documentation is regarding an internal complaint that does not bear on the public duties of the officer.”

Springfield Leaks is currently exploring options to appeal this decision.



Stay tuned for further updates to this story.

29 year old Springfield Woman found deceased inside a residence

Ashley O’Dell – Age 29

Springfield, Illinois – Today, around 8:35 a.m., The Sangamon County Coroner’s Office responded to a residence in the 500 block of North 13th Street in Springfield.

The coroner’s office pronounced a 29 year old female and resident of Springfield, deceased, inside of the residence. The deceased was identified by family and friends as 29 year old Ashley O’Dell.

O’Dell leaves behind family, friends, fiancée – Tim Day, and two young sons.

At this time, O’Dell’s death is being investigated by the Springfield Police Department and the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office.

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday morning.

Shots fired on S. 3rd St. in Springfield, Illinois

Shots fired in the 900 block of S. 3rd St. in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois – Tonight, around 9:31 p.m., Springfield Police responded to the 900 block of S. 3rd St. for a report of shots fired.

A witness in the area was able to capture the shooting on video and turned it over to police. The video captured gunshots going off in front of 909 S. 3rd St.

At this time, police are still investigating. No injuries were reported.

2nd suspect arrested in connection to the Homicide of Gary Green; Has not been charged with murder yet

Avion M. Brown – Age 18

Springfield, Illinois – Avion M. Brown, age 18, was questioned and arrested by detectives who are currently investigating the homicide of 23 year old, Gary Green. After being questioned about the homicide of Green, Springfield Police Detectives arrested Brown for Obstruction of Justice, a class 4 felony.

According to several law enforcement sources, they believe Avion accompanied Devione Rayford, age 21, in the armed robbery and murder of Green.

Bond has been set for Avion in the amount of $200,000, but will only have to pay 10 percent ($20,000) in order to be released.

Green was fatally shot on March 31, 2020 around 12:17 p.m. on Pope and Spruce. Springfield Police responded to the scene and Green was taken to St. John’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:40 p.m.

Devione Rayford, age 21, was the first suspect charged in the murder of Green. He was arrested Tuesday, May 12 and was charged with First Degree Murder, Armed Robbery, a class X felony, Home Invasion, a class X felony, Aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, a class 4 felony, and Obstructing Justice, a class 4 felony.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for further updates.

BREAKING: Illinois Secretary of State will be opening drive-through services for vehicle registration sticker ONLY

Jesse White – Illinois Secretary of State

Illinois – Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced today that beginning Tuesday, May 19, seven facilities will be offering drive-through services for vehicle registration sticker transactions ONLY. This is the first step in a comprehensive reopening plan that will be announced shortly and will include the proper protections for customers and employees, such as PPE and social distancing.

The seven drive-through facilities are Chicago North, Chicago South, Chicago West, Rockford-Central, Macomb, Springfield-Dirksen and Tilton. These facilities were selected due to the configuration of the buildings which allowed for drive-through transactions. All employees will wear face masks and customers are encouraged to do the same.

“My commitment is to do everything we can to help protect the health and safety of our residents, while providing services to the people of Illinois,” said White. “This first step in a reopening plan adheres to this commitment.” 

White continues to urge the public to renew their vehicle registration stickers online at for those customers that can do so. Since mid-March, more than 600,000 people have renewed their stickers online, an increase of approximately 65 percent. Many customers may also renew their driver’s license online through the Safe Driver Renewal program, as well as obtain duplicate driver’s licenses and ID cards.

White is reminding the public that all expiration dates for driver’s licenses, ID cards and vehicle registrations have been extended at least 90 days after Driver Services facilities reopen. 

White also reminded the public that the federal government extended the REAL ID deadline by one year. White had petitioned the federal government for this extension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The deadline is now October 1, 2021.

Public Defender Lindsay Evans Resigns; Says there is a lack of diversity in the courthouse and will not sell out her clients

Springfield, Illinois – Today is Springfield Attorney Lindsay Evans last day as an Assistant Sangamon County Public Defender. Her departure from the office has been somewhat expected after she was passed over for the promotion to become the Chief Public Defender of Sangamon County.

The position of being the Chief Public Defender is an open application process, but many courthouse insiders knew that someone was already picked for the position before resumes were even submitted. One courthouse source, close to Springfield Leaks, who didn’t want to be named for this article said, “It’s politics, just look at what happened in the State’s Attorney’s Office. How did Dan (Wright) get appointed as State’s Attorney and has less experience than the other guys?”

Although many courthouse insiders knew that someone was already picked as the Chief Public Defender, Evans still applied for it. “I was optimistic, in recent years, the landscape would become diverse,” Evans said in her resignation letter to Judge John “Mo” Madonia. When Evans was passed over for the position and Judge Madonia publicly appointed Attorney Craig Reiser to become the next Chief Public Defender, Evans formally submitted her resignation on May 1, 2020.

Evans, who has been a Public Defender since October 2006, didn’t just resign with a simple resignation letter. She called out the “local chapter” of the court system. “Those of us familiar know that the “local chapter” of the world’s finest justice system caters not to the Constitution but to cronyism, family names, white male mediocrity, and party donors.  Poor people and their constitutional rights are reduced to political capital used to curry favor with constituents and serve political ambitions,” said Evans.        

Evans Resignation Letter says the following:

May 1, 2020

Judge Madonia,

I am writing to resign my position as Assistant Public Defender in Sangamon County.  

It has been an honor to serve.  For nearly 14 years, I have whole heartedly embraced my duty to represent people whose lives have been destroyed by substance use, physical abuse, predatory policing practices, mental illness, and poverty.  I have never regretted a single hour spent pursuing this endeavor, even when that work took me away from my family and jeopardized my wellness.  

I have, however, grown to deeply regret the years I’ve spent playing a “bit part” in the continued devaluation of the local judicial system.  Those of us familiar know that the “local chapter” of the world’s finest justice system caters not to the Constitution but to cronyism, family names, white male mediocrity, and party donors.  Poor people and their constitutional rights are reduced to political capital used to curry favor with constituents and serve political ambitions.        

I was optimistic, in recent years, the landscape would become diverse.  To that end, I applied for judicial vacancies in an effort to bring attention to the consistent lack of women on the local bench.  Routinely, the name of the selected candidate had been leaked before the application deadline had run.  It appeared the power structure was unwilling or incapable of creating even the illusion of a legitimate, merit-based, and fair selection.  

And when the Chief Public Defender was terminated, it was immediately clear that I would not be replacing him- my skills, dedication, and experience notwithstanding.  I nonetheless applied for the vacancy.  I felt then and feel now that I was the best candidate to replace Bob Scherschligt as Chief Public Defender.  But the Court was not looking for a Chief Public Defender, at least not in the sense that the law envisions that title.  The Court was looking for one of its own, willing to allow the Court to manage the Public Defender’s office.  The Court, led by a judge with so little regard for defense counsel that he rarely permits assistant public defenders to speak on the record when cases are called on for trial, has little respect for the independence to which the Public Defender’s Office and its clients are entitled.   

I cannot sell out my clients any more than I change my gender, religion or the high school from which I graduated.  No salary or title could make me willing to compromise my duty to my clients. 

The public defender’s duty is always to the client.  It was never my duty to be liked by the Court.  My duty was to my people, the law, and my ethical obligations.  And if that earned me countless episodes of disrespect and disregard by the Court, that reality says more about the Court than it does me.       

May 15, 2020, will be my last day.  


Lindsay Evans

More Charges: Man threatened to kill a woman with a gun that he bought for $90; Hid loaded gun in child car seat

Springfield, Illinois – Today, The Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office has filed additional charges against a man, who threatened to kill the mother of his children, in a domestic dispute.

On April 5, 2020 at 12:24 a.m., Springfield Police responded to the 2100 block of E. Spruce St. for a violation of an order of protection. The caller told police that a “Reman” was at her residence and was threatening her. She also told police that she has an order of protection against the man.

When officers arrived, they spoke with “Reman” who was identified as Caprice T. Parks, age 22. Officers determined that the woman and her children had an active and served order of protection against Caprice. In addition to a records check, Caprice also had an active warrant for failing to appear in court for possession of a controlled substance charge.

Officers spoke with the woman, who is also the mother of his children, and the woman told officers that Caprice pushed open her front door and threatened to kill her, while armed with a gun. According to police, the woman also told them that Caprice told her to hide the gun when officers arrived on scene. Police say that the woman showed them where she saw Caprice hide the gun. The gun was recovered from a car seat that was sitting on the floor. The gun, a 22 caliber handgun, had 1 round in the chamber and 3 in the magazine. Upon checking records, the gun was reported stolen in Sangamon County. In the woman’s verbal statement to police, she also said that Caprice pointed the gun at her head and said, “I will beat your ass and kill you up in this bitch” and then took his finger and began poking her in the forehead while holding the gun in the other hand.

Officers read Caprice his Miranda rights and Caprice told officers that the gun was his and he carries it for protection since he is out in the streets and has been robbed before. Caprice continued to say, in his verbal statement to officers, that he walked on foot from a house on Renfro St. to the 2100 block of E. Spruce St. and was carrying the gun on him. He also denied forcing his way into the residence and told officers that he forgot about the order of protection. Caprice also told officers that he figured the gun was stolen since he bought it off the street for $90.00.

Caprice was arrested and taken to the Sangamon County Jail. He was officially charged on April 6, 2020 with possession of a stolen firearm, a class 2 felony, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, a class 4 felony, and possession of a firearm with no FOID card/Ineligible for a FOID card, a class 3 felony.

Today, the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office has filed three additional criminal charges against Caprice. Those charges are, Home Invasion with a firearm, a class X felony, Violating an order of protection, a class A misdemeanor and Domestic Battery, a class A misdemeanor.

His bond has been set in the amount of $75,000. He will need to pay 10 percent ($7,500) of his bond to be released from the Sangamon County Jail.

$14,637 in cash, 31 grams of meth, a gun, and a loaded magazine found during traffic stop in Springfield, Illinois

James C. Russwinkle – Age 35

Springfield, Illinois – On May 8, 2020, around 5:00 p.m., a Springfield Police Officer conducted a suspicious vehicle traffic stop at S. Lowell Ave and W. Summit Ave.

The driver of the vehicle, James C. Russwinkle, age 35, had a valid Sangamon County Warrant for possession of methamphetamine.

James was arrested for the warrant and driving on a suspended driver’s license. During the arrest, the officer searched James and found a large amount of money in his front right pocket and a loaded 9MM magazine.

Before James’ 2008 Land Rover was towed away from the scene, the officer conducted an inventory search of his vehicle. In the vehicle, the officer found a black backpack on the front passenger seat floor board. In that black bag, the officer discovered more money, 31.1 grams of suspected methamphetamine, and a Citadel 1911 9MM unloaded handgun. The total amount of money found in James vehicle and on him was $14,637.

James was read his Miranda Rights and he immediately asked for an attorney, according to the arresting officer.

James was booked into the Sangamon County Jail for armed violence, a felony and his outstanding warrant. His bond was set at $100,000 and has since paid 10 percent ($10,000) of his bond and was released from the Sangamon County Jail with no criminal charges at this time.

According to the arresting officer’s review of James criminal record, he has been arrested 10 separate times for dangerous drugs, but only received one conviction.

BREAKING NEWS: Arrest made in the homicide of Gary Green

(Left) Gary Green – Age 23 (Homicide Victim)
(Right) Devione Rayford – Age 21 (Homicide Suspect)

Springfield, Illinois – Details are limited at the moment, but we have confirmed that an arrest has been made in the homicide of 23 year old Gary Green.

Devione Rayford, age 21, was taken into custody sometime today on pending criminal charges of Armed Robbery, a class X felony and Homicide for the fatal shooting death of Green.

Green was fatally shot on March 31, 2020 around 12:17 p.m. on Pope and Spruce. Springfield Police responded to the scene and Green was taken to St. John’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:40 p.m.

According to police, Green was shot in the arm and head.

A source close to Springfield Leaks tells us that Green was shot by Rayford during a robbery.

More details to come. Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks.

Man tells girlfriend “come outside and say it again” before shooting at her house

Kamarius J. Crawford – Age 19

Springfield, Illinois – On April 16, 2020, around 4:30 p.m., Springfield Police responded to the 1700 block of N 9th St. for a shots fired call.

When officers arrived they located several shell casings in the front of a residence and also observed bullet holes in the front of the residence. It was reported that there were approximately 8 bullet holes found on the exterior of the residence, and one of the bullets also damaged a $30 fish tank inside the residence.

One of the residents, a woman, told police that earlier in the day she was with her boyfriend of 2 years, Kamarius J Crawford, age 19, and they were out driving around. While she was driving, they got into a verbal argument, which got physical, over a girl he was dealing with. During the argument, the woman told police Kamarius hit her in the face and slapped her while she was driving back to her residence. Once they were back at the residence, she told him that he needed to get his things and leave. While Kamarius was getting his items, she told him something he grabbed was not his. She said Kamarius then struck her in her eye and she ran out of the room to tell her dad. The dad told her to tell Kamarius to leave and he left.

Later in the day, the woman told police that she received a call from Kamarius and they started arguing again. The father told police while they were on the phone, he heard Kamarius tell his daughter, “come outside and say it again.” The father said he stood up and saw Kamarius parked out front and as he turned to walk towards his daughter in the back of the house he heard shots fired at the residence. The father said he ran to his daughter and told her to get down.

Once the shots fired came to a stop, Kamarius was gone. Another officer reported that while on patrol, he heard dispatch advise that the suspect was a “Kamarius subject.” The Officer reported that he knew a male by the name of Kamarius Crawford and knew where his residence was located. While the Officer was watching Kamarius residence, he observed a Green/Blue Pontiac G8 GT pull into the driveway. The officer pulled his squad car behind the vehicle and saw a black male, who he knew to be Kamarius Crawford, in the driver seat. The officer pulled out his duty weapon, opened the passenger door and saw a black handgun. The officer took the firearm, which was a black M&P Smith and Wesson .45 caliber, and placed Kamarius under arrest.

An Officer reports that after he read Kamarius his Miranda rights, Kamarius told him that he “blacked out” and fired 5-6 rounds into the air. He said he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone and that he was just angry. When questioned about the gun, Kamarius said that he had purchased the pistol from “some guy” that he didn’t know and that he bought the gun from him because he isn’t able to legally buy one.

During the search of the vehicle, officers found two magazines. One (seven round) with six live rounds and one empty magazine. According to police, the shell casings found at the scene also matched the casings that officers found in the vehicle.

The Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office officially charged Kamarius with Aggravated discharge of a firearm, a class 1 felony, Aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, a class 4 felony, and Domestic battery, a class A misdemeanor.

Kamarius was released from the Sangamon County Jail, after paying 10 percent ($15,000) of his $150,000 bond.