City funded Winter Warming Center quietly opened last night despite plans for it to open today

City Director of Community Relations, Juan Huerta.

Springfield, Illinois – According to sources close to Springfield Leaks, the City funded Winter Warming Center, which is located at 1015 E. Madison St., quietly opened last night, despite plans to have it opened today.

A source close to discussions, about the Winter Warming Center, is saying that many are questioning how the Center opened last night, without any staff members? In addition, why weren’t members of the public told about plans to open it last night, especially with temperatures reaching low 30 degrees?

According to a City of Springfield source, staff members were training for about 4 hours, yesterday, on how to deal with mental illness, sex offenders, and addiction.

An email, Facebook Message and call was placed to the City Director of Community Relations, Juan Huerta. Huerta went on record last night as saying no one has been hired yet at the Center.

The Winter Warming Center is funded by the City of Springfield, but the center will be staffed by personnel from the Salvation Army. The Center will have 60 spots for the homeless to stay overnight from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. The latest that an individual can arrive to the center, for a spot, will be at 8 p.m.

In order to stay at the Center, you will have to turn in your cell phones, prescriptions, and any weapons.

The center doesn’t have a kitchen or shower, but you will be provided a cot, which is spreaded among the carpeted floor. A sheet and blanket, which is provided by HSHS St. John’s Hospital, will also be given out to occupants at the Center.

With temperatures reaching low 30 degrees last night, it is unknown at this time how many individuals stayed at the City Funded Winter Warming Center nor why wasn’t the community told it would be opened? In addition, it is also unknown who were the staff members running the center last night, despite members of City Council being told that no one has been hired yet. Today, it has been confirmed that the Salvation Army will be taking over in overseeing the Center’s operations.

Stay tuned to this post for updates.